Personal Training with Zack & Kyoung Miller

See below for some of our real client success stories!


"I've seen amazing changes in my body.  Excellent motivation, super supportive, and not too stern but not too lax. I feel like I'm in good hands.  Zack knows the best way to get you to your end goals.  His passion for health and fitness is obvious. For anybody who is ready to make the leap to get in shape, contact Zack.  You won't regret it =) " - Kevin L


"Kyoung is an incredible trainer. She keeps me honest and on track. Her exercises are not only age appropriate (I am 68 years old) but challenging--she encourages me to push myself. Not only have I lost a considerable number of pounds, but my body shape has changed--people often tell me how good I look--a compliment I'm not used to getting. " - Barb B


"When I first came in I was overweight, got tired walking up the stairs, slouched trying to make myself look smaller, and was very self conscious. The combination of nutrition, weights, cardio, and motivation helped me lose 89 pounds! It increased my confidence, energy, and happiness dramatically. Highly recommended!" - Amit R


"Kyoung is thoughtful, intuitive, and has been masterful in designing workout sessions that challenge me. In just three months, I’m stronger, have gained muscle, lost fat, lost inches, dropped clothing sizes and am feeling confident. I have gained a more positive outlook overall and she makes working out something I want to do!." - Erinn C


"I've been working with Zack for 4 months. He's an excellent coach pushing you through the reps/sets and very knowledgeable about nutrition. I've dropped 17 pounds of body fat! My ultimate goal of the 9-11% bf range is in sight! If you need a trainer to help give that extra push that will help you achieve your goals, Zack is a great motivator!" - Alan D


"Zack is very knowledgeable about many topics regarding health, nutrition and physical activity. I've learned so much and the work is really showing! He is also considerate and curious about how each person's body is different and will work with you to find the perfect training and diet plan." - Sarah W


"Zack's personal training has given me a great amount of muscle mass and body fat reducion at the same time. The most important thing about his training is his focus on the improvement of a person's overall health.  If you want to lose that belly fat, get washboard abs, or just be healthier, I would definitely recommend Zack!" - Howard C

Meet Your Trainers

Zack Miller

Zack Miller

With extensive experience coaching clients to achieve both physical and life-style goals, Zack is a total fitness, health and weight-loss specialist.  

He specializes in natural holistic nutrition and high-intensity exercise for fat loss as well as muscle building (bodybuilding). With science-based exercise routines plus custom nutritional plans, Zack gets excellent results and health rejuvenation for his clients.

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
NESTA Fitness Nutrition Coach (FNC)
Spinning Instructor - Mad Dogg Athletics
American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED

Kyoung Miller

Kyoung Miller

In the fitness industry for over 20 years, Kyoung has an absolute passion for health. A truely individualized trainer, her clients swear by her methods and travel from all over the Bay Area just to see her.

With diverse knowledge and experience encompassing the full spectrum of personal well-being, each session with Kyoung is 100% tailored to the client's personal needs. She specializes in working with all ages and is certified to work with older adults.

ACE Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
AAHF Senior Fitness Training Specialist
AFAA Group Exercise Certification
MBC Pilates Fusion Instruction
NESTA Lifestyle & Weight Management
BOSU Master Balance Training
STAR 3 Spinning Instructor - Mad Dogg Athletics
American Red Cross CPR/AED

What You Get with Personal Training:

  • Totally private one-on-one training (couples training also available)
  • Nutrition guide and consulting included
  • Customized workouts for your fitness level and goals
  • Lifestyle and wellness coaching
  • Perfect for all ages and abilities
  • Hot Body Fitness Amenities:

  • The best Personal Trainers in San Leandro
  • Private, modern, and clean fitness studio
  • State-of-the-art, well-maintained equipment
  • Convenient location and free parking
  • Satisfaction guaranteed on all purchases
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Personal Training

    Personal Training programs - Gift cards available
    Book of 32  

    Only $94 per session

    Book of 16  

    Only $99 per session

    Book of 8  

    Only $104 per session

    Single Session

    Any cancellations must be made 24 hours before scheduled appointment to avoid being charged for the session. For personal training or couples training sessions: "Single Session" expires after 1 month, a "Book of 8" expires after 3 months, a "Book of 16" expires after 5 months, and a "Book of 32" expires after 9 months. All purchases are non-refundable after 15 days and non-transferable.

    If you have any questions or would like to schedule your first Personal Training session with Zack Miller or Kyoung Miller, please contact us at:

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