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Hot Body Fitness Spin class is an indoor studio cycling experience. It's a 45 minute non-impact cardiovascular workout, while listening to fun and motivating music through our state-of-the-art sound system.

Taught by certified, knowledgeable, and friendly instructors, you will ride on the latest top of the line Spinner NXT bikes. In just 45 minutes you'll be cruising, sprinting, jumping, and climbing while you will work at your own fitness level. It will challenge your cardio limits while building tone in your lower body muscles. In Spin class burning 500 calories in 45 minutes is easy and Spin offers awesome aerobics and a mind-body connection experience.

Ride with either your running or cycling shoes, and bring a water bottle and towel. Spin is a unique and fun workout for all ages, at all levels of fitness. Hot Body Fitness is the only certified Spinning® studio in San Leandro, and the 2009 Winner for the Best in the Bay Area!

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Personal Training

Personal Training

Achieve your Goals and get maximal results with Personal Trainers at Hot Body Fitness Premier Personal Training Studio. Whether your goal is body sculpting, cardio conditioning, weight loss, strength training, core and balance training, rehabilitation, or athletic conditioning, we work with your personal goals and on your time schedule. We also have training for older adults. Our trainers are fully qualified, certified, and highly knowledgeable. Sessions can be personal or in a small group. We have a style for everyone. Contact us to set up your consultation.

*Weight Loss and Nutrition consultations are available.*

SMART Weight Loss ... (click here for sessions)......

  • Including nutritional advice from Zack Miller, FNC (Fitness Nutrition Coach) - proven effective methods!
Weight Loss

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Including a customized nutrition plan, a body assessment test, personal weight measurements, and body fat calibrations. 

    This Program has helped the average participant lose 1-pound of fat every week since 2009. In 6-Weeks you can transform your body with 30-min weekly nutritional coaching, and customization, plus a 60-min weekly workout with one of our top trainers. This Program is offered at a $80 OFF for our Members!

    Our weekly progressive circuit and interval training sessions give you a total body workout that is fun to do, easy to follow, and powerfully effective for burning fat! We will help you improve cardiovascular health, tone and strengthen all major muscle groups, and refine functional balance and posture by giving you a healthier back and stronger abdominal. It's never too late to start losing weight!

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Total-Body Fitness

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Achieve your optimal body composition and sexiest physique. We will sculpt your body safely and in the fastest time possible!

This program includes a weekly session on the science of weight training and exercise plus a Total-Body workout. It's great for men and women who want to be scientific with their strategy to health and fitness and who are serious about getting real results!

This is a great class for ALL ages and fitness levels.

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